The summer of love

Be the silence of the night and the morning wind

Warm me up with your smile and blow my tears

Strangle my pain and kiss my lips

Salt my mouth but alleviate my kiss

Cause this summer-love will never end

Will live always in my heart

I am happy and i don’t pretend

You know tough the distance we’ll never be apart.

    Everything that puts a smile on your face will never be a bad thing , even if tears dry on your     face  when you think is over but if you keep the moments in your heart this will never have an end , will always be present in each second of your life.

 You’re only happy in the sun, cause you feel the love , the warm, the light that illuminates your  face, your beautiful smile and your charming eyes. The sun which makes you feel like a princess, a  princess who has everything. You’re happy cause is summer and is THE SUMMER OF LOVE


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