By the river

Is the magic all around the world

Is the universe that wants to make me yours

Is the light that illuminates my road

And the darkness disappears like the river flows

Hand in hand to the Never Land

Where we are going to dance with the fairies

There where the happiness has no end

From now on about us they will write the stories

We’re like the fire and the rain

Like the moon and the sun

Like the love and the pain

Like us together they belong

You are now my muse and make me fly

Up high in the rainbow through the colors

All it’s beautiful and the moments goes by

But we stop the time and the stars are ours  

Let the birds sing  their Song in liberty 

Come down to me and take my hand

We’re gonna escape from this cruelty

Cause we belong  far away in an innocence land

Facebook emoticon smilie emote for a love heart! And here we are sitting by the river and making love once more Facebook emoticon smilie emote for a love heart!


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