The Way I Feel

And they said that tears cannot be seen in the rain

That all your feelings won’t be in vain

That somewhere over the rainbow not so far

There is a place where the best feelings are

You are walking alone in the morning mist

Your body is shivering and your hands turned to fists

The wind blows your hair and wants to make you smile

And know you forgot how and it make take a while

But deep into your heart there’s a light at night

There is a butterfly that holds you tight

There is a child that knows how to laugh

There is a soul that never loosed his breath

A river of colors will watch over your future wish

Will take it in the sky and promise you to cherish

And if the wish is pure and full of happiness

Trust in yourself that you’ll escape from loneliness 

The new year begins with a smile announcing you that you can keep it for ever !


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