New soul

And I will stop missing you.I will do it from now on.I’ll cage the memories deep in my soul and wait until they will be dust to blow it in the wind.
I won’t think about you anymore. I won’t wake up with your voice in my head and most  of all I won’t see you in each person that I meet in the street. No I won’t wet my pellow with tears anymore and I won’t cut my blanchet in two when I feel that my body breaks apart in tousand of pieces.
I will release the demon that flames me with each breath that I take and I will have a new soul with new feelings and a new smile. It may no be “perfect” like the old one but sure it will be more pure than it.
I will collect the rainbow’s colors and I will dress up with them to shine each step of my road, I will learn the birds songs and I will sing them along with you to amaze the whole world and so the people will feel the freedom that is inside those little creatures.
I will feel free,free of sadness and I won’t argue, I won’t fight and I won’t let the tears fall anymore. I will learn how to love the “LOVE” and i will smile at it to make her come to me.
Yes I will dance in circles around you new soul, I will dance to stop the time, to keep you here inside me for more than a while, maybe for always.
I will make you happy so you won’t ever wish to leave me. You will want to stay here forever because here in my heart you will find your home. That place where you feel protected and loved, where each second brights up the day. Even the night shines and the moon guides your walk so you won’t get lost and you’ll find your way back to happiness. 
I offer you a warmhearted place dear new soul and I promise you that you’ll never get cold inside my heart. Here will be all the time sunshine either is summer or not. You will be happy and will never want to dissapear.

New soul? Where are you? Do you still listen to my words? Will you ever come to me and believe the promises I’ve made? 

Ohhh yeaah … I dreamed again and here I am still waking up alone … 


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