Hope to find the history of your soul and give you the love I know

Feel your fingertips on my skin and let you kiss me slow

Enjoy the sun and the day ,that you suddenly turn to night

Feel you close to my body and hope you’ll hold it tight


I write about your mind that is a puzzle and your heart that is closed

I feel your hands that are trembling and the words of love

You know it’s all about you and the sunshine that brights the day

I don’t want to capture you but I want you to stay.



And how should I know about your feelings if you won’t speak to me and how should I feel your love if you don’t care. Isn’t love the most wonderful, softest and pure thing in the world ? Shouldn’t love escape you from the body you’re caged in and take you away along with the clouds up high,farther than our galaxy and each galaxy that our brain may know ? Isn’t love the vital water and the food that the soul needs to be brave and strong, happy and free.

There is still a little tiny thing called Hope ,so simple but so strong. Hope is there when everything else is gone. Hope is what you have when you open your eyes in each moment of your existence. Hope is the shoulder you need when the world seems to crash, and the strength you need to stand up. Stand up and fight for your happiness, fight for your inner peace and for the LOVE you deserve !


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