Breathe me

How stupid to say the love hurts when all that love does is great. The nature loves us and gives us the most beautiful creatures and plants. The universe loves us and lights the sky at night with the moon and the stars, to scare away the frightness in our soul. God loves us and gives us our people who love us and whom we love. We smile and feel the vibes , explode from happiness and share the love with all that’s around us. We start singing in the rain and not argue with it anymore. Each child gives his smile and giggle with us. The smell of the person beloved begins to be the most aphrodisiac smell in the world,better than coffee, chocolate or spring. His lips feel like the burnning sun combined with the freezing iceberg, something unknown for you and for the galaxy. His touch tramble your whole body and you’re feeling free and easy, one with the nature. He is the air you’re breathing and you’re loosing yourself in his eyes,his big brown lighting eyes,that fit together with those wonderful autumn colors,that fit together with all you love. How can you still say that love hurts when you don’t have any empthy space in your body for so much happiness that you feel when you hear his voice, feel his touch, think of his soul and receive his love.

Love doesn’t hurt, love breathes you ❤ 


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