Carpe Diem

Months of you have passed. Moments of sadness and loneliness are gone – or deep deep trodden in the bottom of nowhere.

Voices of souls asking for help were haunting until the brain stopped working. Souls lost in the universe, not finding a way to escape the dimension in which we are living.

There is another way to see life, there is a way to continue living if we wish so, and  there is a place where dreams come true. There is a place where all the déjà-vu make sense. There is a place where you can be strong enough to pull a tiger, to take it by its pow and travel the world with the one that people say it’s your enemy, with the one that may be your best friend and the best companion. There is a place where your biggest fear is the smallest molecule that is surrounding you; you don’t even notice it and you are able to live smiling the whole day.

Moments of darkness may try to scare you but you’ll be brighter than the sun and won’t let them become part of your journey. In that place you’ll see all your strength and feel all the power that mother nature is willing to give you, only if you are ready to receive it and go among the wind, the colours of the flowers and the birds songs, which sound like a pure child heart beating.

There will be a place where you can talk and see all the people you love, not with your eyes wide open but with your heart.

We are dreaming day and night for a better place, and a more beautiful life, not realising that the paradise, the place place we are longing for is right here in this moment, in this dimension, in this life !

Make the best  out of it because once you are gone you’ll have to begin a new chapter, write a new story and won’t be able to live those precious moments again.

It may be better …… or not …..






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