Loud like love

“You have your brush and colours, paint paradise, and in you go” says Nikos Kazantzakis.

Step out of the madness in which you are trapped in, step out of the darkness that shadowed your soul.

Paint your life the way you want it and not the way others want it to be for you.

Be yourself with all the lines and curves, with all the circles and squares you are made of.

Be unique and not just a copy of someone else. Be the best you and dare to live the way you wish to live. Don’t be ashamed of your loudly laughter, that could even be heard in the depths of the Dragon Hole.

Be the music in the morning and the long talks at night. Be the light you need in the absolute of the night and all the things you hold on tight.

Be the hard step of your feet, with loudly bells now and then. Be that chaotic soul of yours and don’t ever let anyone tell you that’s misery. Someone’s chaos is someone else’s order and you know that!

Take all your energy and spread the love you have inside you over the entire world.

Bring smiles on someone else’s beautiful lips and even tears on their crystal-clear eyes. Tears of joy or sadness, let them all come down your face. We are alive when we feel and all of your tears are real. They not only clean your eyes but also your soul, so let it out, take your time and release everything you have deep inside of you. Take all the time you have to understand yourself better.

Accept yourself with the good and the bad for we are all both humans and monsters and that’s okay. It’s okay to feel afraid sometimes. Let the fear come out of your soul and hug it as tight as you can and it will disappear in a blink of an eye.

We can get rid of our bad emotions only by fighting them back with love. The purest emotion of all times. The clearest water you could ever look through and the freshest breath you could possibly take in.

Remember your childhood days when you used to laugh out loud, love unconditionally and didn’t know how to hide your emotions, not that you ever thought of doing it. Remember the giggles which conquered everyone’s heart whenever they heard them.

Arrange a rendezvous with your inner child and ask him to teach you how to love again!


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