This time meet me on my sunny road

This time meet me on my sunny road, dancing, spinning and laughing out loud. I finally feel that I deserve to be happy too, after everything I’ve done for the people in my inner circle I think I can finally put my weapons down and let the cold breeze cover me whole. I can finally breathe love again, I am finally free of your lashes which tightened my souls so hard that even now after months of freedom I can still see the marks they had left behind. But it’s hurting less and less with each day passing by! My wounds are healing and yours will soon start to burn. My dear lost friend you better stand up and start taking care of yourself because I am not in your universe anymore. I’ve changed the galaxy and left your Imperium. I’ve traveled way too far to turn back to my past. I’ve told you and warned you that once I’ll be gone I’ll be gone forever. Yet there you are my dear craving for my soul which all these years you’ve mistreated. The game is over and none of us has won it but I’m the one standing, I’m the one breathing, I’m the one who’s happy now for it was not my game but yours.


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