Alis volat propriis

Your love is something most of us would even fight for. This warmth you give to your next is something many people have never felt in their entire life. Some might have dared to dream about this summer wave which comes out of your halo, and some don’t even have the capability to think that far nor could they possibly imagine what it is to feel this heat.

Your love calms one down and opens their soul to existence, helps them discover their inner beauty by only taking a look into your eyes that serve as a reflection so they can see what they really are, hear their own voice.

You hold into your arms more than just the body of your lover, you hold their treasure but also their misery, which by only your lifting it up starts vanishing away.

You free your lover from any sorrow they were caring with until the moment they’ve met you.

You give them back their freedom and remind them about their own wings.


How we forgot to love

I wonder why do we keep ourselves so far away from happiness. We encage our soul from the world and are our own bomb creators. We fight ourselves instead of using all this power we’ve got to love us a little bit more. We became so protective and wasted all our young years building so many defence-walls around us that even the bravest warrior has it too hard to break them down.

We forgot how it feels to be loved and are not the only ones, even Bob Marley was insecure if it was love he was feeling when his soul was shivering by the touch of his lover.

We forgot that we are beautiful just the way we are and that some people around appreciate us even though they might have difficulties expressing it. Not only their words count but also their actions. We concentrate so much on what we want to hear that we often forget how full of lies the sounds coming out of a mouth could be if they are not coming directly from the heart. We often oversee the small actions of love we are given being busy searching for something bigger.

We label love and ignore its real face. But how could we be blamed for this ignorance when even the smallest actions of love didn’t delight us? How could we know love if we were trapped in a dark universe with no stars shining over us?

We used to breathe out all the pain inside us so we could make space for new emotionless feelings. Our soul hosted humiliation for so long that it had forgotten how was to feel happy inside and had mistaken fantasy for real life.

So many of us walk the shinny roads of this beautiful life still being dead asleep and some don’t wake up at all for only love could raise us from this slow-wave sleep we are caught in.

Letter to a special friend

Family is not defined by blood but through love

The long forgotten feeling is coming back to me like a southern bird flies back ,over the oceans, to their sunny-warmed homes. Walking down the yellow bricked road paved by the golden sun together with the sand brought from all the continents, I finally feel freedom inside my bones. Running hand in hand and laughing with you along the Caribbean Sea frees my mind from all the miserable thoughts collected all these years of sorrow and fills my heart with pleasant memories that I could never possibly forget. With all the over-delicious pastries, all the with honey made Mojitos, the natural water and the “arroz con frijoles” that I’ve shared with you these day, I’ve actually gain back love. This love, that warmes you up, breathes you and keeps you alive can only be felt by those who see the beauty in little thing, in simple things, in natural things, in everything that surrounds us. This love, that makes us laugh until we burst in tears of happiness and hold our body not to fall apart in shaking our bones, while lying on a mattress on the balcony of our in Cienfuegos situated casa compartida, is the most angelic feeling that could ever be felt by a human being.

Your love is a love that makes the world go round ❤️

Like a shell

We all build walls around us to protect ourselves from the pain and the hate which has overtaken this beautiful world. We build heavy, thick walls to hide from the sight of the people around us. We keep our inner beauty clean and bright, letting it shine only for our own body.

All that is left is writing, writing about how we really feel inside, about who we really are. This is the only way we communicate to the outside world.

We hide the bones and cells of which our body is made but that’s not all – we isolate our soul too, not letting in the sun.

One important aspect, while building these walls, had been neglected: the windows. We somehow forgot that the sun cannot warm us if we don’t give it the opportunity to shine in.

How long should we wait before we take the hammer and start breaking down the walls? How long are we going to hide our feelings? Do we really have to wait until we shade our skin, like snakes do, so our loved ones can see our beauty? Aren’t we the masters of our fate and the captains of our souls?

We decide how we shall feel, we alone built these walls and we alone can break them down so easily. Lucky us that we don’t have to wait until our soul leaves the body so we could decompose and leave behind our beautiful structure, like a shell has to do. Have you ever picked up a shell, while walking on a beach? Have you ever wondered how it looked inside, trying to figure out the shape of its skeleton? Have you ever taken time to admire the beauty of nature?

Nature gives us everything we’ve ever been searching for. It gives us everything we need in order to be happy yet we are still asking for more. We are hungry and the more we get the more we want, being too dumb to appreciate what we already have.

Nature loves unconditionally but we, are we? Do we know how to love? Do we do whatever we do just because we feel like it or because we want something else in return? Do we really have to leave our bodies for others to see how beautifully we are structured?

No! We don’t! We can undress ourselves from these dirty clothes we are wearing every single day, and let the world see our inner beauty.

We can take this beautiful shell as our example, that we found while walking on a beach. It had to leave its beautiful home for us to see its lines and shapes, but we can use our power to show anyone our beauty. If the shell had had the same power it wouldn’t have wasted it, I assure you.


Don’t waste your power on building walls but take it all to spread love.

This time meet me on my sunny road

This time meet me on my sunny road, dancing, spinning and laughing out loud. I finally feel that I deserve to be happy too, after everything I’ve done for the people in my inner circle I think I can finally put my weapons down and let the cold breeze cover me whole. I can finally breathe love again, I am finally free of your lashes which tightened my souls so hard that even now after months of freedom I can still see the marks they had left behind. But it’s hurting less and less with each day passing by! My wounds are healing and yours will soon start to burn. My dear lost friend you better stand up and start taking care of yourself because I am not in your universe anymore. I’ve changed the galaxy and left your Imperium. I’ve traveled way too far to turn back to my past. I’ve told you and warned you that once I’ll be gone I’ll be gone forever. Yet there you are my dear craving for my soul which all these years you’ve mistreated. The game is over and none of us has won it but I’m the one standing, I’m the one breathing, I’m the one who’s happy now for it was not my game but yours.

Loud like love

“You have your brush and colours, paint paradise, and in you go” says Nikos Kazantzakis.

Step out of the madness in which you are trapped in, step out of the darkness that shadowed your soul.

Paint your life the way you want it and not the way others want it to be for you.

Be yourself with all the lines and curves, with all the circles and squares you are made of.

Be unique and not just a copy of someone else. Be the best you and dare to live the way you wish to live. Don’t be ashamed of your loudly laughter, that could even be heard in the depths of the Dragon Hole.

Be the music in the morning and the long talks at night. Be the light you need in the absolute of the night and all the things you hold on tight.

Be the hard step of your feet, with loudly bells now and then. Be that chaotic soul of yours and don’t ever let anyone tell you that’s misery. Someone’s chaos is someone else’s order and you know that!

Take all your energy and spread the love you have inside you over the entire world.

Bring smiles on someone else’s beautiful lips and even tears on their crystal-clear eyes. Tears of joy or sadness, let them all come down your face. We are alive when we feel and all of your tears are real. They not only clean your eyes but also your soul, so let it out, take your time and release everything you have deep inside of you. Take all the time you have to understand yourself better.

Accept yourself with the good and the bad for we are all both humans and monsters and that’s okay. It’s okay to feel afraid sometimes. Let the fear come out of your soul and hug it as tight as you can and it will disappear in a blink of an eye.

We can get rid of our bad emotions only by fighting them back with love. The purest emotion of all times. The clearest water you could ever look through and the freshest breath you could possibly take in.

Remember your childhood days when you used to laugh out loud, love unconditionally and didn’t know how to hide your emotions, not that you ever thought of doing it. Remember the giggles which conquered everyone’s heart whenever they heard them.

Arrange a rendezvous with your inner child and ask him to teach you how to love again!

Fall seven times, stand up eight ~ Japanese proverb

We already know that the things we don’t say are these which hunt us most, no matter how much time passes by, but we should also realize that everything we are afraid of will follow us with every single step we take.

Have you ever wondered why your childhood wishes don’t always ‘come true?

Have you ever wondered why you’re still so afraid of stupid things, which cannot possibly hurt you, like darkness, spiders, forest or voices?

You wished and hoped and prayed that they will all go away once you grow older. Yet even after a quarter of a century you’re still in the same situation but even more terrorized than before.

While we grow up, we realize that fears don’t disappear with the flick of the fingers, dreams don’t become true by a wish we once made on a shooting star. Nothing happens just like that, but rather because we work on it consciously or subconsciously.

We align ourselves step by step toward our already chosen path, toward the yellow brick road, on which we wished to walk since we were little petunias.

We push ourselves out of mud and blossom like beautiful colorful delicate lotus flowers.

We blow the dust away and allow us to be light.

Like a Phoenix we rise from our own ashes and are better than the last time we did it.

As we alone rise, we alone fall but don’t ever dare to lose faith in tomorrow and if you ever do please remember this beautiful and wise Japanese proverb: “Fall seven times, stand up eight”.