Things I’ve learned by traveling around the world 

One of the things I love most from traveling around the world is the way you meet strangers and make them your friends in a couple of minutes. Whenever I feel that our world is a mad and evil place I can easily regain faith in humanity by simply encountering new beautiful souls, who show me that love still exists and that all we have to do is spread it wherever we step. Moreover, I learn to embrace the things that make me happy and learn not to put the people I love in a cage and keep them for my self but enjoy every moment I spend with them and give them the freedom they need to be themselves.

When we know that the time given with a particular person is limited, we tend to expand it to a maximum and absorb every second of it. But we should know that every moment of our life is equally precious for when our clock stops it will stop without a warning.

The universe gives us the freedom to go wherever we feel like going and calls us out of our comfort-zone over and over again without ever getting tired. It whispers in our ears that it will conspire with all its galaxies, full of different planets, shining stars, and meteorites, for us to achieve everything we want if the desire comes from the depths of our heart. This same universe places people on our road to show us how different from each-other everyone’s path is yet we all meet at one point because love connects us all. Namaste


Take me as I am and let me be !

We often try to change the one we “love” and many times we don’t even notice it.
I believe that once you love somebody you don’t want them to change. You won’t need them to change anything for you, you want them to change something for their-self if they hurt.

It hurts when the people you love suffer and we always want to make their life as beautiful as we can. Just don’t forget about your happiness and inner peace, for if you’re not happy, you can not truly make anybody shine!

Many people tend to mistake and forget that in a relationship you need acceptance and toleration, for nobody is perfect and sometimes is ones imperfection that makes you love them.

Help one see the beauty of our life, if he has forgotten and his life is full of sorrow, regrets and sadness. You cannot change somebody you can only help them change, for they change their-self if they need to.

Love the man beside you as he is or let him go his way.
We are all different and is out difference that brings us together to live an exiting adventure called life.

It’s all about learning from the others and being open to new wonderful roads they may want us to discover.

Difference is not wrong, difference is a new way to live life!