Lying in bed keep turning side to side 

My mind goes crazy and my heart beats fast 

The miles between us will make it sometimes hard

You won’t be in front of me but you are deep in my heart


And with these thoughts, I leave to the other side of the ocean

To explore the world with you in my mind

To see the beauty the world has to offer 

So I could tell goodnight stories to our hearts 


My love, we both know that time loves to fly

That seconds will pass by – so very fast

And even if now and then your soul starts to cry

Remember my heart, in a blink of an eye I’ll be by your side, 





Change your heart, look around you

Change your heart, it will astound you

They say you see hearts everywhere cause you’re in love , I’ll rather say you’ve lost yours and you keep searching for it.

You search through the forest and over the mountains, under the see and up in the sky.
Search for that tinny little thing that can only do pobom pobom and pumps your blood so you’re “alive” , for whatever that means. I start believing that we’re all just walking corpse,as G.Bacovia used to say, searching for our sense in this miserable world.

Today is not a good day for science .