Fall seven times, stand up eight ~ Japanese proverb

We already know that the things we don’t say are these which hunt us most, no matter how much time passes by, but we should also realize that everything we are afraid of will follow us with every single step we take.

Have you ever wondered why your childhood wishes don’t always ‘come true?

Have you ever wondered why you’re still so afraid of stupid things, which cannot possibly hurt you, like darkness, spiders, forest or voices?

You wished and hoped and prayed that they will all go away once you grow older. Yet even after a quarter of a century you’re still in the same situation but even more terrorized than before.

While we grow up, we realize that fears don’t disappear with the flick of the fingers, dreams don’t become true by a wish we once made on a shooting star. Nothing happens just like that, but rather because we work on it consciously or subconsciously.

We align ourselves step by step toward our already chosen path, toward the yellow brick road, on which we wished to walk since we were little petunias.

We push ourselves out of mud and blossom like beautiful colorful delicate lotus flowers.

We blow the dust away and allow us to be light.

Like a Phoenix we rise from our own ashes and are better than the last time we did it.

As we alone rise, we alone fall but don’t ever dare to lose faith in tomorrow and if you ever do please remember this beautiful and wise Japanese proverb: “Fall seven times, stand up eight”.