We keep judging our brothers , keep teaching them about life showing them the “best” way to survive. We often do this without even looking inside us. Seeing that we don’t know each other as well as we thought we knew. 

We keep arguing about the problems that rounds us every single day, but are to coward to stand up and change something in our life. The problems won’t go away by sitting on the side and wishing that they will disappear.

We all keep dreaming and we never wake up to reality. We are passing through life not even being alive, not actually breathing and in the end we die , we die not knowing how beautiful this universe can be , not watching the sunset colors, not feeling the love that covers our heart, not hearing the birds singing and the children laughing.

Everything is in our hand, if something good happens than is because we are gorgeous and able to do magnificent things but we are also weak and we easily do mistakes. Doing mistakes is not bad, is not bad if we learn from it, sometimes we have to fall down to stand up and walk the road even better than before.

YES ! We are strong enough to change something , we are strong enough to step into this life and make it better. We have to see the problems and try to find a way to resolve them , not running but confront .


Like the gorgeous Winston Churchill once said

~ If you are going through hell, keep going. ~