Lying in bed keep turning side to side 

My mind goes crazy and my heart beats fast 

The miles between us will make it sometimes hard

You won’t be in front of me but you are deep in my heart


And with these thoughts, I leave to the other side of the ocean

To explore the world with you in my mind

To see the beauty the world has to offer 

So I could tell goodnight stories to our hearts 


My love, we both know that time loves to fly

That seconds will pass by – so very fast

And even if now and then your soul starts to cry

Remember my heart, in a blink of an eye I’ll be by your side, 





Breathe me

A poem “is a humming, a keening, a laughing a sighing at down, a wild soft laughter”1

It is all these things and beyond others

It is the night which turns to day

The melody which takes all your sorrows away


A poem is the long forgotten friend

The one who waits for you one more time again and again

It’s the sun who loves the moon so much

That it dies every night just to have it for a couple of minutes and feel her touch


A poem is that smell from your childhood

The smell which brings you back to your neighbourhood

The feeling that the world is free for all of us

That you could travel anywhere not needing a compass


“It is the rediscovery of the self against the tribe”2

That makes us write all the thoughts we have in mind

It’s the hunger of being unique

That makes us write just to feel complete


A poem is not just some letters combined in a line

“It speaks the unspeakable, utters the unutterable sigh of the heart”3

Sometimes it makes you laugh and sometimes even cry

But you could never stop feeling all this at all


1,2,3 These lines are taken from ‘What us poetry? : A Non-Lecture’ by Lawrence Ferlinghetti