Letter to a special friend

Family is not defined by blood but through love

The long forgotten feeling is coming back to me like a southern bird flies back ,over the oceans, to their sunny-warmed homes. Walking down the yellow bricked road paved by the golden sun together with the sand brought from all the continents, I finally feel freedom inside my bones. Running hand in hand and laughing with you along the Caribbean Sea frees my mind from all the miserable thoughts collected all these years of sorrow and fills my heart with pleasant memories that I could never possibly forget. With all the over-delicious pastries, all the with honey made Mojitos, the natural water and the “arroz con frijoles” that I’ve shared with you these day, I’ve actually gain back love. This love, that warmes you up, breathes you and keeps you alive can only be felt by those who see the beauty in little thing, in simple things, in natural things, in everything that surrounds us. This love, that makes us laugh until we burst in tears of happiness and hold our body not to fall apart in shaking our bones, while lying on a mattress on the balcony of our in Cienfuegos situated casa compartida, is the most angelic feeling that could ever be felt by a human being.

Your love is a love that makes the world go round ❤️


The Sun

She used to compare you with the biggest and warmest star in this universe, she used to warm herself up with your hotness without even getting burned, she used to smile day and night.

Awake or asleep you hunted her thoughts like no other, bringing her goose bumps every single time she even dared to feel you closer to her soul.

You haven’t been around for a long while and she was trapped in a nightmare of mad creatures, whom craved pain on her naive soul each time they could.

After all these years, after all the stars which burned down, she can still breathe one, the biggest one, the Sun, you.

Love Letter

• And there come that time when I wonder where my soul wants to belong to?!

Sunshine,colors,love,happiness and time,time that love can stop !

Time that turns years in days,days in hours,hours in minutes,minutes in seconds
and seconds in you!
Time that keeps you everywhere: in the light and in the dark,
in my vital water and in the air that I breathe,in each child that I see and in each
old love that passes me by.
You are the sunlight that warms me up in those Novembers cold days and gives me
freedom  when I feel caged in this world, this world full of disbelief and sins!
You turn the page and leave the past behind making place for the 
present and the colorful future that has to come.
You don’t care what other people say, you care about me,you care about you,
care about us cause it’s you and me not us and the world.
It is our love that counts each day. It is our love that make us breathe each second,
that keeps us alive even if we are “dead”.

Is our love that lasts, if not forever ….. at least for this moment !