A long way to go

Say no instead of yes if you want to, say never instead of maybe if you feel so. Allow yourself to come to an absolute happiness by eliminating negative energy from your life, from your halo. Be good and receive good, be positive and even more positivity will surround your life. Live for today and not for tomorrow, and my dear: please stop pressing all your feelings down, stop hiding them, stop trying to wash them away. You know that they will come back and will hurt you because you didn’t allow yourself to feel free, you didn’t allow yourself to feel happiness in your soul.

You teach and preach and talk about being who you are, about loving someone for what he or she is but your self-esteem is lost somewhere in our endless universe.

You hide behind a mask every day and occasionally take it of in front of the people you feel safest with.

But why my dear? Why are you so afraid of the real world? After all you’ve been through, do you still think you can’t possible endure the truth? You read, you knew, you’ve heard from different mouths that you’re already living the truth, every second of your life, yet you still hide from your own soul.

Listen to the drops outside, enjoy this beautiful moment, these rain-drops which might disturb some people but save someone else’s life. Rain and sunshine are equally important for all of us, like love and pain, they walk beside us with every step we take.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and yes, it does leave marks behind, pain still feels present sometime but don’t let it take the best out of you, don’t let it conquer your halo, don’t let it possess you again.

Listen to the rain-drops and free yourself from all the bad and negativity, free yourself from tomorrow’s thoughts and live now!

Love from the bottom of your heart, love like there’s no tomorrow, love unconditional, love without wanting anything in return, love everyone and everything, love the good and the bad, love the sun and the moon among the start, love the earth like you love the sky and my dear love the sea as much as you love the mountains.

Go out and try to find yourself back to you, go out and try everything you’ve ever wanted to try, go into the wild and search for your soul, go out and love yourself first because you still have a long way to go!