Things I’ve learned by traveling around the world 

One of the things I love most from traveling around the world is the way you meet strangers and make them your friends in a couple of minutes. Whenever I feel that our world is a mad and evil place I can easily regain faith in humanity by simply encountering new beautiful souls, who show me that love still exists and that all we have to do is spread it wherever we step. Moreover, I learn to embrace the things that make me happy and learn not to put the people I love in a cage and keep them for my self but enjoy every moment I spend with them and give them the freedom they need to be themselves.

When we know that the time given with a particular person is limited, we tend to expand it to a maximum and absorb every second of it. But we should know that every moment of our life is equally precious for when our clock stops it will stop without a warning.

The universe gives us the freedom to go wherever we feel like going and calls us out of our comfort-zone over and over again without ever getting tired. It whispers in our ears that it will conspire with all its galaxies, full of different planets, shining stars, and meteorites, for us to achieve everything we want if the desire comes from the depths of our heart. This same universe places people on our road to show us how different from each-other everyone’s path is yet we all meet at one point because love connects us all. Namaste


A wise person sees with hir heart

We learn to love by daily meeting new people who show us how beautifully perfect diversity is. While living in a world of constant hate and war we can easily get corrupted by these destructive feelings and get covered in darkness.

We were thought that only love could overcome hate but we somehow keep forgetting this while growing older – but do we become wiser too? If we don’t know how to love people –because life’s kicks make us doubt everything that we experience and everyone we meet –how can we possibly consider ourselves wise?

  • A wise person knows that life is full of different challenges. Some might indeed seem impossible to overcome but we should always keep in mind that we are strong enough to pass any test life puts us through.
  • A wise person also knows that we are all unique and that generalization as well as stereotyping are the biggest sins one could ever commit. We stop people before they even start showing us who they are. We put them in boxes and miss the chance to discover their beautiful souls and by doing this we only decrease in love, when we should actually rise in it.

I often wonder why people travel to different places if they are not ready to meet their locals and learn more about their traditions including respecting them. Differences between the cities of this world are not only found in their monuments or buildings but mostly in the communities of these places.

20 years ago, shortly before her death, Diana, Princess of Whales, confirmed that she had always chosen to follow her heart and not go by some rules of a book. And by this, she teaches us that we should leave our mistrust at the door and start seeing with our heart instead of our eyes and love – believe me since I’ve started doing this my world has become a better place.

The Sun

She used to compare you with the biggest and warmest star in this universe, she used to warm herself up with your hotness without even getting burned, she used to smile day and night.

Awake or asleep you hunted her thoughts like no other, bringing her goose bumps every single time she even dared to feel you closer to her soul.

You haven’t been around for a long while and she was trapped in a nightmare of mad creatures, whom craved pain on her naive soul each time they could.

After all these years, after all the stars which burned down, she can still breathe one, the biggest one, the Sun, you.